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The Accelerated FreeFall Skydive is for you if you're looking to experience the thrill of skydiving with instructors at your side--not attached to you from £380.00.


This jump experience is often more rewarding because, after 6 hours of ground instruction, you're in control of the skydive. The Accelerated FreeFall Skydiving instruction is much more detailed than a Tandem Skydive because you're in charge. You need to allow 2 days for this course

Accelerated FreeFall Skydiving can be carried out by people up to 55 years of age, persons aged 40 or over require the approval of their doctor, you may download the AFF Medical here


you can use our online booking system with a debit/credit card or paypal. Or you can call us on 0800 009 3015 and pay over the phone.


you can book an AFF Skydive for yourself or as a personalised gift voucher with just the deposit of £100 or book one of our personalised gift packs for an additional £19.95


Tandem Skydiving

Accelerated Freefall Skydive
You have two instructors who exit the airplane with you!

Fly by your side to coach you (using hand signals you learned during your training), and assist you if necessary during your nearly one minute of freefall. The instructors will leave your side after you deploy your own parachute and fly it down to land!.

AFF Level 1 £380.00


AFF Level 1 - 8 £1480.00


Consolidation Jumps x 10 £450.00


A deposit of £100.00 secures your place!


It is best to book at least 2-3 months in advance if you want to carry out an AFF skydive.


There is no better feeling than skydiving from an aeroplane whether it is just for fun or to raise money for your favourite charity, so why not call us direct rather than going through an agency, saving you money for your charity.



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So What Happens?

LEVEL 1 - After a days training, you are ready to leave the aircraft at up to 13,000', with your 2 AFF instructors hanging on to you. On the way down, you practice pulling the ripcord, and maintaining heading and altitude awareness, whilst travelling at 120mph. At 5,000' you deploy the parachute and fly it back to the landing area.


LEVEL 2 - After a little more instruction, you again exit the aircraft with 2 instructors. This time, you learn to control movement, whilst maintaining heading and altitude awareness. At 5,000' you signal to the instructors and open your parachute.


LEVEL 3 - On level 3, you maintain a heading and demonstrate control in free-fall. If you are doing ok, the instructors will release you. Don't forget, you still need to maintain heading and altitude awareness.


LEVEL 4 - Now that you have mastered the basics, you learn to start, control and stop turns while in free-fall. Just one instructor accompanies you from level 4 onwards.


LEVEL 5 - Controlled 360 degree; turns in front of your instructor, still maintaining altitude awareness.


LEVEL 6 - More advanced techniques now. Spatial orientation, and moving forward horizontally (tracking) through the air. By now, you are ready to put all you have learned into practice.


LEVEL 7- After exiting the aircraft, you are required to complete a set sequence of 2x360 degree turns, a backloop, and a short track before deploying your parachute at 5000 feet


LEVEL 8 - The final test - leave the aircraft on your own for the 1st time, and deploy your parachute within 10 seconds. Congratulations, you've just graduated.