PACT for Autism Charity Skydive

Charity Skydive Fund Raising with PACT for Autism

experience the thrill of a lifetime.

Jump for PACT for Autism!

Take on an adrenaline challenge for PACT for Autism and help us to continue our valuable work supporting families with children and adults affected by Autism and similar disorders.

We aim to develop long term strategies with local communities that will improve living, working and social opportunities for people with Autism.

Being a parent of a child with a disability can be very isolating and we at PACT for Autism pride ourselves on the wonderful friendships that have formed over the years, giving us all the strength and belief to do the best we can for our children.


Tandem Parachute Jumps

Leaving the aircraft at 10,000ft you’ll reach speeds of 120mph (that’s as fast as a Golden Eagle diving for prey, by the way!) You’ll experience the rush and buzz of freefall strapped to a professional and experienced parachute instructor. Your instructor will release the canopy at about 5000ft and you can either help them steer the parachute home or leave them to do it for you, take in the scenery and ‘relax’!


PACT for Autism are offering these places at a reduced fee of £50 for a guaranteed sponsorship sum of £400 (PACT for Autism will reimburse the registration fee of £50 after the jump has taken place).


The usual Skydive fee is £235 but any person who doesn't meet their guaranteed sponsorship sum is then liable for the full cost of the Skydive.
Sponsorship pledge target: £400

Sponsorship pledge target: £400 and you may fundraise using JustGiving
For further details, please contact call us on 020 7452 2112, download a registration form and send it in or book your parachute jump here.

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For your charity tandem skydive, you will be harnessed to a British Parachute Association instructor for your once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will also be helping PACT for Autism

FUEL Surcharge

Due to the current fuel price increases (aviation fuel), several drop zones are now making a surcharge of up to £30 per person, should this be the case at your selected location London Parachute School will contact you and advise you of this prior to processing your booking. If you choose to jump at a drop zone that has added a fuel surcharge then you will have to raise that extra amount in addition to the £400 minimum amount to jump, eg if the drop zone you choose has added a fuel surcharge of £15 then you will need to raise a minimum of £415