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Charity Skydive Fund Raising with St Georges Hospital

St George’s Hospital Charity – helping the hospitals

Your support for the hospital charity creates extra equipment and facilities for St George’s Hospital and Queen Mary’s Hospital in south west London, helping to improve the patient experience. We can make a real difference for patients thanks to you.


Some of the latest things we have been able to support are:

  • A Magic Carpet for the Play Team - a specialist piece of equipment (pictured above) that aids with sensory play
  • A sofa for the Lilac Suite in the maternity unit - The Lilac Suite is the ward that helps women going through a still birth, a space to sit and speak with doctors or spend time with family is crucial for recovery
  • Dermatascopes to provide our melanoma specialists with even more modern equipment that increases their ability to spot melanomas and take photos, transferred digitally to the patient record

  •  Accuvein machines which were acquired by Samuel’s Fund within the hospital charity to help doctors and nurses find a child’s vein with maximum accuracy and minimal anxiety

  • Funding an early-onset dementia patient and relative support group across south west London, giving 12 months funding to help hundreds of local people to access peer-to-peer support


Tandem Skydive

Tandem skydiving is a combined freefall and parachute descent where you are strapped to a professional parachute instructor - your freefall will reach exhilarating speeds of approximately 120 miles per hour.


We ask all participants to raise a sponsorship pledge of £400, and you get to do a tandem skydive for free. Of this £400, a £50 deposit must be paid on registration.


Registration: £50 (this is included as part of the pledged £400)

Sponsorship pledge target: £400




For your charity tandem skydive, you will be harnessed to a British Parachute Association instructor for your once-in-a-lifetime experience, you may also make a Static Line RAPS or AFF parachute descent.



How to register


Book Online to book your adrenaline challenge and get ready to JUMP


Once you have chosen which of the jumps you would like to do, Book Online


We'll be with you every step of the way, helping you with your fundraising and ensuring you hit your target, and remember, if you raise more than your fundraising target, you can jump for free.


St Georges Hospital is unfortunately unable to accept persons below the age of 16 years for this fund raising scheme


Book Online to book your adrenaline challenge and get ready to JUMP.



For more information and support please contact Fundraising on

FUEL Surcharge

Due to the current fuel price increases (aviation fuel), several drop zones are now making a surcharge of up to £30 per person, should this be the case at your selected location London Parachute School will contact you and advise you of this prior to processing your booking. If you choose to jump at a drop zone that has added a fuel surcharge then you will have to raise that extra amount in addition to the £350 minimum amount to jump, eg if the drop zone you choose has added a fuel surcharge of £15 then you will need to raise a minimum of £365